Rescue Abandoned Shopping

As a business, you pour time, effort and money into drawing customers to your website, yet with around 90 percent of those who start to make a purchase never getting as far as the completion stage, it could seem like a huge waste of resources. Luckily, there are some excellent telephone marketing services out there, which can help you to convert many of those abandoned shopping carts or baskets into actual sales. This greatly increases your conversion rate, your revenues and, ultimately, your profits.

Regardless of what you are selling, you could be benefiting from telephone marketing to increase sales. From clothing to insurance, and from holidays to loans, any product can be sold to a hesitant customer with the right prompting at the right time. Plus, with many companies relying on repeat business for a significant chunk of their monthly revenue, if you do not take action to win back those customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, you are not only losing out on the immediate sale but also potentially missing out on a number of future sales too.

A customer that has put one or more items into the shopping basket on your website has already expressed a clear interest in the products or services that you are selling. There are many reasons that customers can fail to make it to the payment stage. Perhaps they simply found a better deal elsewhere. Or, perhaps they found the payment process too confusing, or could not find the information that they were looking for on your website.

In these cases, imagine being able to give them a quick call at the time of abandonment to find out if you can help by providing more information or guiding them through the checkout process. Many people will be highly responsive to this level of customer care and will go on to complete a purchase they would otherwise not have bothered with.

By entering their telephone number during the checkout process, the potential customer has given you the right to call this number to get in touch with them. Generally, only people who view telephone contact in a positive light will enter their telephone number at checkout, which means you are highly unlikely to come across customers who are annoyed or disgruntled at being phoned.

In fact, most people will see this immediate contact, which is much more personal than a simple email, as an indicator of excellent customer service. Customer service levels are of course one of the major deciding factors for many people when choosing whether or not to make a purchase. You also catch the customer whilst they are still in the buying mindset, greatly increasing your chances of conversion over sending an email that they may not read until the next day.

By taking the time to speak to the customer whilst the checkout process is still fresh in their mind, you also benefit from important customer feedback. A telephone conversation allows you to speak directly to the customer in real-time to find out why they abandoned their shopping cart, offering you a chance to resolve the problem and complete the sale. For example, perhaps they were unable to find your returns policy on the website, which you can describe to them over the phone, or perhaps there was a technical issue with the site that you were unaware of, and which prevented them from being able to complete checkout, even though they wanted to.

Many calls will lead to a sale that you would otherwise have lost out on. However, even if the call does not result in a sale it can still provide you will useful information and feedback from customers that can be analysed and used to improve your website and checkout process, reducing shopping cart abandonment in the future.